Training Journal
OK.. I'm going to write entries in here so I can see any progress in strength training nothing too serious at the moment.. my housemate is trying to trying to become world strongest man so I might as well make use of the equipment as it's lying around the house :)

On Friday I managed to lift the 85kg atlas stone on to the top of an upturned bin from the ground twice ... plus a lot of failed lifts as I can't get the technique right.
I then went on to do 9m farmers walk (no re-lift)... Although I don't know the weight (they are 47kg type Gas bottles half filled with sand)... I think grip is normally the weakness in this one.. but it was definatley my legs that were giving up first!

I couldn't flip the tyre .. nor could I do it yesterday... I have managed it before .. I think it's again down to technique.
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