ISPs, Copyright and clouds
It’s time to do away with ISPs

ISPs are against the ethos of the internet and we’ve been brainwashed into thinking we need them!
They provide a single point of failure and so on their whim they can cut you off when they feel like it, or when the government has been monitoring the connection and thinks you’ve been naughty.
The internet is there for the free passing of free information to all.

Connecting via just one ISP means that we are not part of the internet at home, merely a node attached to the end at a point where all our data has to travel down the same thin road.

This causes a limited connection in either speed or amount of data. So we get protectionist with our connections and so secure them up in case someone steals our precious bandwidth. There’s even been arrests for the theft of bandwidth

Having this one place which all of our data passes through gives hope to some that the copyright laws can be enforced on the net.
Enforcing the outdated copyright laws for personal users is the most unethical and futile action against the internet and what it stands for. Sure, if you are going to make money from the data eg. Burning a music cd and selling on then you should pay the artist in the same way a record company does. If you’re just downloading it to listen to then, what’s the problem? – No one is losing money here. Sure, they might not make as much as they would have done before the internet, but you can’t class this as a loss. As there is now a wider audience this opens up many other opportunities for moneymaking. As many have said before, adapt to survive.

We need a political revolution, in the same way as our markets opened up in the 80s, we now need information and art to open up properly – only then can we hope to have social freedom.
Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work like that. Governments see the increase in surveillance as a reason to introduce more laws as it’s now possible to enforce them, not to take some away as they are no longer relevant.

Wireless networks are being developed that can reach a very wide area. Already in towns and cities it’s rare not to be able to pick up several connections wherever you are. As most of these are secured the waves are wasted. If these were opened, and technology adapted, my route to the internet could be spread over all of them, using them as hops to get to another wireless network. This would then create a large cloud of connected computers. Using programmes such as bittorrent, this could mean that whole files could be downloaded without ever travelling over a broadband link.
Hosting companies could provide Wide area wireless networks with their netblock as the ssid. Anybody in their zone would go direct via the wireless and those not in range could hop across the cloud.

The advent of trackerless torrents and peer list sharing brings the ability to do away with many webservers. There would be no worry that trackers and torrent sites are closed down as these lists can be transferred via the torrents themselves. Our Bittorrent clients and browsers would be as one, grabbing html files from the torrent as and when required to display to us.

Of course, this doesn’t do away with ISPs totally. There’d still be places and routes where we need to pay people to get the data across, but they would not monopolise the carrying of our data. Those that want fast, low lag connections would still choose to use them – and could set their wireless device to only allow people to use their router as a hop to another so as not to degrade their link.

You could summise that the negation of ISPs and the loss of copyright law would lead to thousands or millions of job losses. Apart from the fact that we shouldn’t just keep laws that are negative to the people just so others can be kept in unviable jobs, I don’t think this will be the case. Sure we might see fewer Hollywood blockbuster films, but it would pave the way for many other smaller films instead who can get their money from merchandise, creating events or licensing their film for use/sale. Whether this is a positive or negative thing for viewers would be questionable, but again, not relevant for this discussion – If it was decided to be bad we could always introduce a body equivalent to the BBC.

Only when we have true peer to peer networking with free information for all can we say we’ve created the machine equivalent of God; omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent.

I’m not a number, I’m a free man!

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12:15 20-03-2008      katym609

Secret Wireless chip they didn't want you to find out about.

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